Through  fourteen years of intensive research exploring first-hand accounts,
government documents, period newspapers, books, publications, and
interviews, a factual recreation of Cowokocî’s (pronounced Co-wok-o-
chee, or Wild Cat) story has been written. Also explored are the
ramifications and influences of western contact on the Seminoles during the
turbulent years of foreign colonization, manifest destiny, slavery, and the
social-political turmoil of a growing Republic.
Everlasting Fire “is so well researched and written, I
would recommend it to anyone interested in a history of the
Seminole Nation.” It answers questions about how slavery
played a significant role in the American’s thirst to control
Florida, and how it almost led to renewed conflict in Indian
Territory. The book is a fresh, ground-breaking study into
the forces of the times that brought to a head the Seminole
need for autonomy, the threat the Seminoles posed to
western expansion and military presence among the Five
Civilized Tribes...”  
Bob Burke, Daily Oklahoman
A fascinating historical account of Cowokoci that includes:
Early histories of Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, & Mexico * Spanish &
English influence in Florida
* History of African slavery in the United
* The Creek Confederacy and the Red Stick War
* Early American Settlement into the Southeastern United States
* Conflicts in Florida leading up to and including the 2nd Seminole War
* Removal of Seminoles from Florida to the Indian Territory
* Events, people, places, and geography in the Indian Territory
* Effects of slavery, the Mexican-American War, treaties with the
Plains Indians, and the California Gold Rush on the Indian Territory
* History of Indians, filibustering, and  life in Northern Mexico.
About the Author —

MA in Native American/Western History, University of Central
MA in Museum Studies/History, Central State University, Edmond, OK
BFA in Musical Composition, U.S. International University, San Diego,
    Professional Work:                 
Adjunct Professor of American History: University of Central Oklahoma
Adjunct Professor of American History: Rose State College
Adjunct Professor of Native American History: Cheyenne and Arapaho
College, on the campus of Southwestern Oklahoma State University,
Weatherford, OK
Former Executive/Museum Director, Red Earth, Inc., Oklahoma City,

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384 pages, 37 photographs,
illustrations & graphics, 8
original maps; also notes,
bibliography & index
ISBN 0-9754072-0-1

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